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My Health Doula is about Guidance and Support. We help you understand what is going on with your health, make more informed decisions about your care, and navigate a course forward to more optimized health

Do you ever think the following?

-I feel like I don’t fully understand what is going on with my health right now.

-I wish I could talk to someone about what I should be doing to improve or maintain my health.

-I would like to better understand the medications I take, how they work, and how they interact with each other.

-I am confused by my diagnosis and what it means going forward.

-I wish someone would listen to me and help me understand my options.

My Health Doula can help you.

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This is our initial offering for new members. When you sign up at My Health Doula we recommend you start here.

Price: $100
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Our Membership Offerings

Quarterly Plan

This membership plan provides up to 4 meetings with health care guides per year, more are available as add-ons if needed.

Price: $35/month (Payable Quarterly)
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Monthly Plan

This membership plan provides up to 12 meetings per year, more are available as add-ons if needed.

Price: $100/month (Payable Monthly)
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What people say about us?

What is My Health Doula?

You can think of My Health Doula as a service that connects individuals with specialist medical guides that aim to lessen the stress of navigating our often complicated healthcare landscape.

One of our founding team members, with over 12 years of experience as a birth doula, sensed this crucial need for empathetic, understanding individuals who can carefully navigate the intricate realm of healthcare in totality even outside the birth space. Our team of compassionate Personalized health care guides offers invaluable assistance, providing a wealth of information, comfort, and emotional support for across the diverse broad spectrum of all your healthcare needs. Just like birth doulas, we at My Health Doula strive to review all healthcare information, listen attentively, and guide individuals seamlessly through complex or chronic health issues.

The result? Optimal health outcomes that truly transform lives.

At My Health Doula, we are committed to extend personalized expert assistance to our members. We excel at helping individuals comprehend medical advice, suggesting alternative treatments when appropriate, and facilitating informed decisions. Furthermore, we are committed to addressing fears and worries, ensuring that our clients feel heard, understood, and supported every step of the way.

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive support system that encompasses both informational and emotional assistance in healthcare. By harnessing the expertise of our dedicated healthcare guides, we empower our clients to improve outcomes and enhance their overall quality of life.

Join us at My Health Doula and let us accompany you on your healthcare journey, offering unwavering support and guidance tailored to your unique needs. Together, we can navigate the complexities of healthcare with confidence, compassion, and care.

In times of more complex health issues a Healthcare Guide can be a valuable partner in helping you access more informed care. Having a guide by your side will leave you feeling supported and empowered to take an active role in your own health care. Feeling heard, understood and not alone in your journey will lead to better well being.

Complex health refers to health conditions or situations that involve a high degree of intricacy, uncertainty, or multiple interacting factors. These conditions often require a comprehensive and multifaceted approach for diagnosis, treatment, and management. Complex health issues may involve multiple systems or organs in the body, chronic illnesses, rare diseases, comorbidities, or situations where the treatment or management plan needs to consider various factors such as medication interactions, lifestyle modifications, and specialized care coordination. The complexity may stem from medical, psychological, social, or logistical aspects. Complex health conditions pose challenges in navigating and necessitate the expertise and collaboration of healthcare professionals.

Making medical decisions alone can feel like an overwhelming challenge. Many people struggle with understanding the nuances of their care, conditions, medications and options. Further exacerbating this problem is our overburdened healthcare system.

In a perfect world, our primary care doctors would be able to assist us in understanding and decision making. Unfortunately they are working in a system that overtaxes their time and limits their ability to interact more meaningfully with their patients. This is where a medical guide can be so valuable.

Our guides are dedicated to taking time with you, explaining all of your medical questions to you and helping you take a more informed and active role in your health and wellbeing. These guides are experts in their fields. Having a Medical Guide puts an expert in your corner, a person who adds to your health care team while keeping your goals and wishes at heart.

Having a reliable resource who can routinely provide you with a deeper understanding of your unique health situation and a full picture of your options leads to improved health outcomes. This is the biggest benefit of our service.

The membership enables continuity of care, personalized attention, enhanced communication channels, exclusive benefits, with informational as well as emotional support aligned to your healthcare and wellness goals leading to increased patient satisfaction, ultimately unlocking the best health outcomes for you.

My Health Doula works through facilitated meetings between Members and Healthcare Guides. Once you create a profile you can begin your journey to more supported healthcare. Our Doula Concierge Operators are here to assist you every step of the way and to make sure you are connected to the best Healthcare Guide to meet your needs and wishes. You will work in collaboration with our team enabling you to access more informed care with improved outcomes.

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