"My Health Doula helped me develop a plan of action and set my mind at ease"

"I had been struggling for several years with a number of annoying health issues, along with diagnosis of a serious autoimmune disease. I wondered if any of the various issues I had fit together somehow; but none of my doctors, not even my primary care physician, was able to devote the time to look at the big picture. Then I heard about My Health Doula. I talked immediately to a Doula Concierge Operator who asked me many questions and requested my most recent test results—blood work, x-rays, sonograms, heart tests, etc. After receipt of the documents, he enlisted a specialist doctor Healthcare Guide to study my entire health history and the two of them called me to talk. It was such a relief to talk to one doctor who had really considered all my symptoms and issues. We went through each issue, with the Healthcare Guide explaining likely causes and recommending follow-up actions. It really set my mind at ease to let go of the worry and to have a plan of action. My Health Doula is a great service!"


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